About Us
Walt started his interest in boating at a very young
age.  He was born and raised on the shores of
Greenport, New York.  His family has an extensive
background in boating and fishing.  His hobbies
include collecting
Antique Outboard Motors and 1947
Pontiac's.  He's an active member with the Antique
Outboard Motor Club.  
Boomer followed his fathers footsteps when it came to
boating.  He's been on a boat since childhood.  He
was trained in the U.S. Army as a diesel mechanic.  
Currently, he's the manager at Chute Marine and
handles all your inboard and I/O repairing needs.
Boating season has
started!!! Get your boat
slip before they are all
rented out.  Call Boomer
at 716-283-3744 to  
reserve your boat dock.  

Thanks to everyone for
your continued support.
Remember to Stop by
and "Chute" the Bull at
In Loving Memory of
George "Pup" Chute
Lost at Sea
Lost, but you are not forgotten!
Punkie Girl Watchin' Chute Marine.
She's waiting for Dad to buy her another cheeseburger or sneak another treat!
Rest in Peace
Punkie Girl Chute
Pattie graduated from St. Johns River Community
College with an Associate of Arts Degree and Florida
State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in
Sociology with minors in Geography and Public
Administration.  She currently is enrolled at Florida State
University, College of Law.  She handles our web site
building and Face Book editing along with researching
the family history with her father back to the 1700's on
the boating industry.  If you have any questions or would
like to put anything for sale on the site, please feel to
contact Pattie.    
Remember the scarifies that
our men and women, who
have served our Country past
and present that have given  
up to allow all of YOU to live in
!!  GOD