Chute Family History
This is the Harriet C. Whitehead it was built in 1892
in Waterford, Connecticut. Richard Burpee Chute
(Walt's Great-Grandpa) designed and built this
majestic beauty.  She's a two mast schooner
weighing in at 212 tons.  Most of her working life
was spent on the Chesapeake Bay, and was still
sailing in the 1920's.  She's featured in "American
Sailing Ships Coloring Books', written by Peter F.
Richard Burpee Chute relocated
his family to Greenport, New York.  
He partnered with Mr. Wood, and
they opened Wood and Chute,
They also opened Wood and Chute
Motors, Inc. on Main Street in
Greenport, New York.
Wood and Chute, Inc. employee's
taking a break circa 1900's
Largest fire in the town in the era
that destroyed Wood and Chute,